Harbor Master Course

Harbor Master  Course 

Standard of Course

Training Period

Number of Trainee

Training Fee

Training Place

Lunch and breaks


: Certified by Ministry of Education

: 2 days

: Not more than 35

: 6,500 Baht

: Siam Maritime School/other place

: Free

: Higher Secondary or equivalent or

holding valid Certificate of Competency Master

Certificate Title

Course Scope

: Harbor Master

To understand concept and responsibility
To obtain knowledge laws and regulations about berthing
To understand terms of port and give attention for important of rope for security to moor the ship maintain its position and staff
To prepare harbor for berthing
To be able to communicate between pilot and harbor
To be able to set up before berthing and before departure
To understand the operation of small boat and harbor staff
To understand the operation of tug boats

Course Structure

Law and rules
Roles and functions of Harbor Master
Standard clear and check preparation of port
Preparation before operation in port
Communication with pilot
Preparation before berthing and departure
Managing small boat and harbor staff
Operation of tug boats