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Siam Maritime School (SMS) was established on August 1, 2017 by Marine Thai Group and administrators affiliated company of A & Marine (Thai) Co., Ltd., founded on 1982, which supply and service various kinds of navigation and communication equipment including marine safety equipment for more than 35 years, widely known to all sectors, both in the government and leading private sectors.

Whereas the company was is the Thai maritime business for a long time, The Executives acknowledged that the majority of Thai Seafarers still lacked of skill and knowledge especially in safety aspects and they were consequently discriminated as the sub-quality standard person when compared to seafarers from other countries. This caused them to be unable to compete in the international labor markets. Although, a few of them were acceptable and employed in maritime business in foreign companies but it was only a small portion, causing them to lose an opportunity  to find job overseas or bring back a handful revenue to the country. As the aforesaid reason, The Executives had the inspiration to participate in improving the ability of the Thai Seafarers up to the International Standards, in order to, firstly, be acceptable to foreign countries, secondly, competitive in foreign labor markets, and lastly, help increase the reputation to our country. They consensus founded the Siam Maritime School (SMS) in order to provide various international training and education for seafarers and interested persons who desire to increase or upgrade their knowledge and experiences in the maritime fields.


     “Shall be one of the best maritime training schools in Thailand and Regional fully complied with international training standards”